Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sony TX7 review

I've had this camera since July, so I might as well make a review of it, especially after I've posted some photos. Prior to this camera, I had a Sony T70, but it started having some major issues (shaking) so I got a new one.

Old (T70) vs New (TX7)
There are many things I really like about this camera, and there are a few things I wish were better. So I've compiled a list of the positives/negatives that real people would care about.

  • 3.5" touch screen. No buttons on the back. Amazing, I love it. I use a screen protector to prevent scratches.
  • Slim. And sexy.
  • HD video. It can record 720p mp4 files at 30fps, as well as 1080i AVCHD files (which I haven't found a free way to convert to something usable).
  • Handheld Twilight Mode. Takes six images quickly & combines. Makes for good pictures in dimly lit settings.
  • Panoramas. Capture landscapes easily.
  • HDR setting. Takes two images at different exposures & combines. Makes better pictures in high contrast situations.
  • SD card compatible. Finally, I'm not required to use Sony's proprietary memory sticks! But it takes those too, if you have one.
  • One year warranty. For when it gets sassy. Fortunately, I haven't had to use that yet.
  • Battery charge time. Battery life is alright, but it takes a little while to charge it.
  • Self timer settings. Once you've taken a picture with the self timer, you have to select the self timer setting again if you want to take another one. I'd like it if it just kept being a self timer until I told it not to.
  • AVCHD video compatibility. The videos look great, but I can't find a way to edit .MTS files together, or a converter that doesn't suck for this.
You can view the full list of specifications at Sony's website if you're interested. I can say as much as I want about specifications, but what it comes down to is what the camera puts out. So, with that being said...

Macro mode. Those are always fun.


Handheld twilight mode.

Auto mode vs HDR. The tree outside is more visible in the second shot.
I should probably have a better picture of this.

Normal pictures.

The above video is an example of a 1080i AVCHD .MTS file. Watch in 1080p for best results.

Okay, all done with that. Overall, this camera is a definite improvement from my previous Sony camera. I can't really compare it with other cameras on the market right now because well, I don't have those.

Hope you guys are enjoying the snow. Wisconsin sure is!


  1. It takes some nice pics and vids!


  2. I can't open my back door because there's too much snow. Chicago-ish here.

  3. .MTS? Never heard of that format.
    And nope, no snow here. Lets hope it stays that way.

  4. You are such a good camera man. Very good at catching lights.

  5. Those are nice pics man.


  6. Oh wow! Really surprise at the quality of the macro pics, especially the one with the fly

  7. as soon as i get out of college i want a nice camera like this

  8. That camera is pretty nice and the picture quality is amazing.

  9. Now that is a nice camera!! I don't take enough pictures to justify buying it though... :(

  10. have you ever taken a video with it at night? If so how is it?

    The thing I hate about all these companies who advertise stuff like HD video is that the video quality sucks at night. Granted it has to do with lighting but it isn't nearly a fraction of how good it is on say a 5DMK2

  11. Sweet camera, really nice pictures!


  12. the MTS format puts me off - but a great review!

  13. The quality of those pictures is insane. I want it!

  14. That is a splendid picture of a fly

  15. awesome review. the only cameras i've ever had have been phone cameras. i really should check into getting a quality camera.. but maybe when i have a bit more cash haha.

  16. Phwoar. Thats a sexalicious cam.


  17. I love those photos! Especially the speed limit sign.


  18. i need one ,my camera broke
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